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Description of Classes

Gymnastics (Flying High)

Controlled movements using the flexibility of legs, back and shoulders

while developing a strong core. Students learn tricks and tumbling passes

along with contortion moves. Students will be spotted for all elements ranging

from beginner to advanced. Gymnastics is a great class for all students,

especially cheerleaders.


Hip Hop (Diva Stars)

Many styles will be taught in this class from Break Dancing to Street and Funk.

Hip Hop is a high energy class developing individual expression through rhythm & style,

accompanied by current hip hop music to keep students motivated.


Ballet (Bella Ballerinas)

The base of all dance. Ballet develops a strong foundation for all students.

Children will develop vocabulary, barre work, learn body alignment, turn out and

develop grace & balance through fluid movement.



Combination of Ballet and Jazz. Dancers will learn to interpret the music & express emotion through movement. The meaning and feeling of music will be portrayed through the poetry of the dance.


Tap (Pretty Rhythm)

Dancers learn rhythm, technique, and combinations where sounds and tones are developed through individuals and the sounds and music made through their shoes as the taps begin to make music of their own.


Jazz (Super Stars)

Many different styles will be taught in Jazz class from Broadway Jazz to Funky Jazz. Jazz is a very Fun and Energetic class. Students will learn leaps, and turns that will help them in many other styles and classes.


Modern & Contemporary

Making your mind & body as one while pushing against the traditional boundaries. Expressing oneself through emotions, using movements such as fall recovery, bend & pull the spine in tilts will formulate meaning of the music through one body and soul. This is a very expressive and emotional class.

Combination Classes – All Ages

Combination classes are wonderful for all students. Students will receive different types of dance & gymnastics combined within a 1 hour class. These classes will develop a good foundation with keeping the children highly motivated.


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