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Miss Jasmine

Jasmine is a dancer, choreographer and performer of the arts. She has been dancing since she was three years old. She danced competitively for thirteen years, and starting choreographing and teaching the younger generation at fifteen years old. She teaches and choreographs competitively and also for recreation classes. Her students have received special awards as well as first place in their age category. Jasmine graduated from Salem State University in 2019 with a double major in dance and business. She was member of Repertory Dance Theatre, where she was a dancer, choreographer and the club's Public Relations Manager. Jasmine was also a part of Salem Dance Ensemble, where she was also a dancer and choreographer.

Jasmine's passion for the arts came directly from the biggest influence in her life, her godmother and role model, Sheila Rosanio. Growing up in her studio, Jasmine was able to see and be inspired by many dancers with different cultures and backgrounds.

Her journey as a dance major at Salem State University has shaped her the most. She continues to be inspired by other people while obtaining a new love and passion for dance with the help of her professors.

Jasmine's mission is to encourage aspiring dancers that nothing is impossible. She believes that everyone deserves to be seen and heard, and to have a creative outlet. Jasmine strives to build a community that provides programs that will help develop self-esteem, confidence, and respect for themselves as well as others.

Miss Mariah

Mariah has been teaching at Sheila’s for 8 years, but has been at the studio for a total of 22. She started as a dancer, at the age of 3, looking up to Sheila as a mentor and role model. For 10 years Mariah danced competitively on Sheila’s competition teams, which grew her love for dance to moving into a teaching position. When she turned 16 she started teaching at Sheila’s, both in, recreational and competitive classes. 

 Mariah’s competition classes have won national titles, high and top overall awards, and special awards. She teaches from gymnastics, to open, to her all time favorite; hip hop! With the new styles and techniques coming about of hip hop, she mainly loves to teach her kids to dance with passion. She loves to watch her kids leave problems at the door and to be so in the moment in her class. Through her choreography, whether it be fun or on a serious note, she wishes to teach her students to have fun and be confident.

Miss Shelby

Shelby has been with Sheila since adolescence. She danced competitively around New England and has won several awards over the years. She began teaching for the studio in 2000. Shelby has a wonderful time teaching young children. She has a natural mothering nature about her, as she has two children that are also students at the studio. Shelby is known for her patience and loving way she has with kids, and encourages her students to put their best foot forward. 

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