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Teen Dances

Ages 13-15

Tied Up

Devil Went Down

to Georgia

Revolution- 1st overall

Dream Dance Challenge- 1st overall

Thats Entertainment- 1st overall

StarPower Nationals- 1st overall


Special Awards:

KAR Hollywood invitational

All Star Dance Team

Highest Scoring Dance of the week

High Five Award

Reaching New Heights

Powerful Partner Work

Character Connection

Worth It

Choreographed By: Mariah Williams


EFX was inspired by Cirque Du Soleil


in10sity - 1st overall 

Starpower - 1st overall

ShowStopper - 1st overall

Kids Artistic Revue - 1st overall


Special Awards:

$750 for being the Highest Scoring Routine 

The Star Dance Allience award


Moulin Rouge

Cherographed By: Sheila

Encore DCS - 1st overall

 Special Awards:

Best Cherography




Cherographed By: Miss Mariah

Age: 13


Gold Digger

StarPower - 1st overall

Encore DCS - 1st overall

ShowStopper - 1st overall


 Special Awards:

Highest Scoring Junior Routine


Heads Will Roll

StarPower: 1st Overall

Encore DCS: 1st Overall


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